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HELLO! Im Adorable Raku chan, this is my fan site about everything NNSG (Nyan neko sugar girl) related, because i can yap and yap about all of this lore and it has no where to go, which obviously a issue, so im dedicating this page to me talking about nyan neko sugar girls!!!!!! WOOHOOOO

This website will also get updates often, and i will also be updating on progress on my own fanime for nnsg, with behind the scenes and art!! woohooo

History of Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

Nyan neko sugar girl was created on Apr 10, 2010, when the first episode was released, not much information is known about the creator but with the descriptions and deviant art we can find a little bit more about it

The show took two years to complete when the last episode, episode 10, was posted on Dec 24, 2012, Episode 10 is the longest episode being 18 minutes long , compared to epsiode ones 4 minutes and 21 seconds.

Yoli chans Lore

Yoli chan normally wrote very bare bone desriptions but with these we can actually know a little more about her, None of the descriptions are really interesting up until Jun 16, 2010, When yoli chan vists her babas house (who could be a dad or a grandpa, it isn't really clear) on May 31, 2011, Yoli chan had a personal family issue,on Jan 31, 2012, Yoli chan had been off of the internet, and the program they used kept freezing(im assuming its a editing program, like windows movie maker)

Now we know this from the show descriptions but there is a lot more we can learn from her deviant art,Yoli chans account NyaNyanDesu, Has 67 deviations as of 12/28/2023, Most of her posts are just nothing really important to note, but her art descriptions are,

On Dec 15, 2012, She posted art for raku chans original concept, "watashi no tomodachi make this many year ago wen N~NSG is not made yet!!!!! she was help 4 opneing b4 demo she move 2 USA n watashi not make it not with her ", This basically says that this original concept was created with a friend, but she moved to the USA so yoli was unabled to make the show with her, But this also tells us who actually made the intro photos, It was yoli chans friend who moved to the USA

On Aug 13, 2013, Yoli chan described she was having more family issues, On Jul 17, 2015, Yoli chan decided to create art for money, They are now closed since it has been around 8 years since this post was made,Its also known that yoli chan has a older bother who originally created the youtube account, Thats basically everything i could find, if you find anything else (with proof) send me a message on discord

What is RCR (raku chan revived)

Raku chan revived was a animated story created by me, Adorable raku chan, I've currently been working on it for over 2 years (it came out Dec 24, 2021). Its a fan season 2 for the incredible Nyan Neko Sugar girls, and takes place shortly after raku chan dies, and is then revived and goes on many drastic changes with her and her friends.

Episode one: In epsiode one we get the introduction of dead bokutachi, who is now arriving in heaven, they bicker and then arsenal sempai decides that its rakus time to get reborn, then the epsiode ends

Episode two: Its not canon so i don't care to explain it, go watch it youself

Episode three: (yes there is still a episode 3, even when there is no episode 2, we are ignoring this issue) episode 3 takes place while koneko chan and vet sama are reviving raku chan, which they notice that her ears and crumbling off and there isn't a cure.

The coming back trailer: This is what i've replaced with episode 2 because its much better than epsiode 2 but im too lazy currently at 1/20/2024 to change any of it. The coming back trailer takes place in the 1800s with antonio and his sister maria, they notice that the magical beam is up and have to take 4 stones (red,green,yellow,and blue) up to it to turn it off.